Update Redstone 2 for Windows 10 Mobile will be aimed primarily at the corporate market

Despite the fact that Microsoft essentially admitted defeat in the mobile market and no new consumer smartphones to produce, apparently, will not be Windows 10 Mobile until one throw is not going to.

In April next year for this system should get a major update called Redstone 2. And now we know what innovations Microsoft is preparing.

For example, updated the Continuum. It is known that the update will bring support for wireless connection (Bluetooth Connect) with docking stations, and you can turn off the display when operating in this mode. In addition, the new version of Continuum will allow to resize Windows with the applications and configure the «start menu».

The rest reported about the possibility of an OS update by connecting the smartphone to PC cable, new options of control of corporate vehicles, including a log of text messages that can be checked remotely as well as on the remote reset PIN.



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