Until the end of the year virtual assistant Google Assistant will speak seven new languages, but Russian is not among them

Virtual assistant Assistant Google could potentially become the most popular of its kind on the market. Simply because it will eventually appear on all smartphones with Android and a billion new devices every year.

But while the Assistant at the very beginning of his career. For example, third-party developers got access just last month, and the list of supported languages is limited to English and German.

But the latter issue Google has already started to solve it. At yesterday’s event Google I/O it was announced that soon the Assistant will receive support French, Japanese, German and Brazilian (Portuguese) language. As to the instructions of German, then, most likely, I mean full support, then as now Google Assistant understands this language only on smartphones Google Pixel. In addition, before the end of the year will be introduced support also Spanish, Italian and Korean.

Unfortunately, on the Russian language while there are no rumors, but someday he is clearly in the Assistant appears.



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