Until the end of the year the price of memory chips LPDDR DRAM will grow by 10-15%

It is no secret that DRAM is more expensive for many quarters in a row. Analysts at TrendForce claim that in the fourth quarter of this year the price of DRAM chips will increase by another 10-15%.

However, this only applies to LPDDR chips used in mobile devices. Due to this situation will not only seasonal increase in demand for smartphones, but the position of the producers of memory.

Last I want to equalize, to the extent possible, the cost of LPDDR chips and other types of DRAM. At the moment the chip to create the computer of RAM is more expensive chips for smartphones, but this will change by the end of the year.

Also on the supply and prices of chips LPDDR can affect the growth of demand for server memory, which will be due to the release platform, Intel Purley. All this allows us to hope for lower prices not only this year, but in the first quarter.


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