Until the end of the year, Intel will release «the industry’s first chip for processing neural networks» — Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor

A year ago, Intel introduced the platform Nervana for applications of artificial intelligence. Then it was reported that the basis for the platform will serve CPU Xeon, and Xeon Phi accelerators, and accelerators on an FPGA.

Later we learned the details about accelerators Lake Crest, which will be the first implementation of a new tensor of architecture Flexpoint. Yesterday and processor giant said that before the end of this year will release «the industry’s first chip for processing neural networks.» It will be called Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP), that is, as the name implies, will also take to the platform Nervana.

According to Intel, the NPP will revolutionize the calculations related to artificial intelligence. Using the Intel platform Nervana, producers will be able to develop a completely new application classes AI, which maximizes the amount of data being processed.

Simply put, the ASIC Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor, and that the integrated circuit will be the first specialized solutions focused exclusively on neural networks. At least, so says Intel. While we keep in mind the existence of the second generation of Tensor Processing Unit of Google. Unfortunately, specific details about the NNP in the press release, no, but we know that these decisions — these are the best boosters Lake Crest, about which we already wrote.

Separately, Intel said that by the end of the year will release a 49-kubicova a chip for quantum computing.



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