Until the end of the year Elon Musk will reveal details about several of the plants Gigafactory

As you know, in addition to the facility 1 Gigafactory in the U.S. the company intends to build a Tesla Gigafactory 2 in Europe. It turns out that this is only half of Tesla’s plans in this direction.

According to the source, the company intends to build two such factories. More specifically, Elon musk (Elon Musk) has this idea. He promised before the end of the year to announce the location of several new factories: two to four, but most likely four.

It is worth noting that third-party sources while talking about the Gigafactory Gigafactory 3 and 4. However, if Musk had in mind only a new factory, it turns out that the Gigafactory will be even and 5, as the location is under construction now plant called unnecessary.

In an early interview with the head of Tesla hinted that one of the new factories can be built in the United States, but did not specify exactly where. It is also expected that one of the factories located in China. Thus, at the moment it is most likely that three new Gigafactory will be located in the United States, Germany and China.

It should be noted that the Gigafactory 1 has been under construction for several years and should be completed this year. In addition, at the moment, Tesla most of the money invested in the production of cars Model 3, which has accepted 400,000 pre-orders. So it is not clear when the new factory will be put into operation.



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