Unmanned vehicles Waymo began to do its job even better

Google spoke about the success of Waymo division, which is engaged in the development of the project of an unmanned vehicle.

The growth of the distance of passing cars, the company equipped with appropriate equipment, reduced the number of cases where a person is forced to intervene in the operation of the computer system.

In 2015, the car Waymo (then Google) drove more than 680 thousand km, and was recorded 341 the intervention of the driver. Last year self-driving cars, the company has driven over 1 million km, and the person corrected the computer only 124 times.

The number of cases of intervention of the person in every 1600 km

For comparison: Bosch self-driving cars have traveled at least 16 thousand km, but the driver was forced to take control of 568 times. Last autumn, during a short test of the autopilot Tesla recorded 182 cases of human intervention on 885 km.

Waymo claims that all its tests pass on a difficult urban areas and highways with different traffic and constantly changing conditions.



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