Unmanned truck Einride T-pod is similar to the car of the future and has no cab

The market of unmanned vehicles does not exist yet, but soon enough on the roads you should see the first production car self-driving car.

With a cargo more difficult, but this does not prevent companies to develop similar. For example, recently we have seen that Waymo experiencing their equipment on the main tractor.

Now it became known about the Swedish company Einride, which is developing a truck T-pod. The car already exists in prototype, but by 2020, Einride at all and expects to have 200 series trucks.

The car is interesting because it looks like it was created for some big budget films about the world of the future. It has no cockpit as such, no windshield and overall it looks more like a stylized car container.

Part of it is. The car really has no cabin at all and places for people. Such container has a length of 7 meters and can accommodate 15 standard pallets. Permissible total weight up to 20 tons. Reserve sufficient to overcome an almost 200 km, but that’s in ideal conditions.

T-pod supports hybrid management. It includes both the ability of the vehicle to move completely independently, will be in demand for movement on the track, and the possibility of remote control that you may need in the city.

This prototype T-pod is not a completed car. But the first fully finished model should appear in the company’s fall.



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