Unmanned flying taxi will launch in Dubai in the summer

At last year’s CES on one of the stands you can see an interesting device called Ehang 184. The world’s first passenger drone designed to transport one person.

One would think that such a device will reach mass production and launch into operation for many years, but to ride on the drone will be in the summer. Only this will need to be in Dubai.

Details a bit, but it is reported that in the UAE capital, these drones will perform the function of flying an unmanned taxi in July. Whether it’s a full service or until the pilot project is unclear.

Drone Ehang 184 capable of transporting one person weighing 100 kg and small bag. The total capacity of the motors 142 HP allows the unit to accelerate to a speed of over 100 km/h battery Charge should be enough for 50 km. It is hoped that the drones will be safe and secure. Here it may be noted that these devices in the past year have been tested in Nevada.



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