Unmanned electric vehicles Waymo drove on public roads with more than 3 million miles

In October last year, it was announced that the unmanned electric car Google drove offline public roads, more than 2 million miles.

Now the company Waymo, which was formed for the project development of unmanned electric vehicles Google, said that over the past seven months her car has traveled 1 million miles. The following chart demonstrates how actively began to cover the distance electric cars Waymo. The first million miles was conquered for nearly six years, the second for a year and four months.

Analysts believe that Waymo will be able to commercialize your project by 2020, however, much depends not only on technology development but also on how the authorities and laws of a particular country will be ready for those changes.

It is unknown who was the first to be able to provide a ready commercial solution with the use of unmanned vehicles worked on by many other companies.



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