Unmanned electric Nissan Leaf will begin testing in London in February

Nissan, like other automakers, in recent years has been developing technologies that will allow its cars to navigate public roads without human intervention.

The first tests of unmanned vehicles Nissan has begun in Tokyo in October 2015, a year ago self-driving cars of the producer has appeared in San Francisco. Now, however, it was announced the imminent start of testing in London.

The UK government actively supports this new direction and funding startups, which deal with relevant developments. Nissan said that the first test of its unmanned vehicles in Europe was approved by the government of the country. All the necessary paperwork has been signed, and the testing will begin in February 2017. Subjects will make electric cars the Nissan Leaf, equipped with the appropriate equipment.

At CES 2017, the company said it is working on a new generation Nissan Leaf, which will get the autopilot system called Pro Pilot. Like other manufacturers, Nissan claims that when you activate the autopilot people need to stay behind the wheel to react if necessary.

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