Universal Display patent hybrid OLED and LED MEMS

The company Universal Display has received a patent for an interesting development in the field of OLED displays.

As you know, the weak point of the OLED display remains material for organic light-emitting diodes of blue color, which on the service life of inferior materials for organic light-emitting diodes of the other two primary colors. The inventors propose to replace the organic light-emitting diodes of blue color inorganic. The result is a hybrid display that combines two technologies. More precisely, even three, as to control the illumination of the blue subpixels have a miniature paddles, made by MEMS technology.

The light blue LEDs located in the lower layer, will pass through gates equipped with Windows blue subpixels. In the upper layer formed of organic subpixels of red and green and yellow colors.

About Universal Display plans on implementation of the development until no information.

Source: OLED-Info



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