Universal card Plastc Card can replace all the plastic card owner, will not be on the market due to the closure of the company

A couple of years ago, we wrote about Plastc young company, which developed the project of the card Plastc Card can replace the owner of all his Bank, discount, club and other cards.

For this card Plastc Card included basic identification methods (magnetic strip, chip, barcode and rewritable contactless module NFC RFID) and had a touch screen E Ink, through which it was proposed to carry out the manipulation of the selection recorded in the memory card and enter the PIN code.

The company was going to begin delivery in summer 2015, but then it didn’t happen. We now know that Plastc ceases to exist and is now exploring options for the submission of documents to initiate the bankruptcy process.

The reason lies in the fact that Plastc has failed to raise funds in the last funding round. Two different investor one-by-one refused the deal at the last moment. The money that was to be allocated a new investor in this round, I went on to the start of production of cards Plastc Card, but now it will not happen. It should also be noted that pre-orders for these cards for the duration of the project, issued approximately 80 000 people who back the money will not receive.


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