Unit laser scanner MicroVision PSE-0403-103 has found application in the smartphone Ragentek VOGA V, equipped with a projector

The Chinese company Ragentek introduced at the event Mobile World Congress 2017 Shanghai VOGA smartphone V, a key feature which is a built-in projector. According to the company MicroVision, smartphone Ragentek VOGA V uses a subminiature unit laser scanner MicroVision PSE-0403-103.

This block is a modification of the model MicroVision PSE-0403-101, presented at the end of last year. Module PSE-0403-103 is different from PSE-0403-101 dimensions of PCB, but it uses the same components: a block of laser scanner technology with MEMS, and a power control application specific integrated circuits.

According to MicroVision, the order was placed in March 2017. The company Ragentek ordered modules PSE-0403-103 in the amount of USD 6.7 million. Their deliveries will begin in June, and ready smartphones in July.

Source: MicroVision


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