Unexpected new product: Xiaomi Purely – protective mask-mask for the face, are equipped with an air purifier

Xiaomi company continues to expand the range of different and sometimes very unexpected devices. Novelty called Purely one of these. It is a protective mask for the face, on the outer side of which is fixed a miniature air purifier – its design is well illustrated in the image below.

The light blue is a four-layer replacement filter N95 that can hold fine particulates PM 2.5 (air pollutants with a diameter of 2.5 microns and less) with 99% efficiency. Mask body made of high quality polyester.

The air cleaner uses a thin fan, the augmented controller with three positions and the power button. Food provides a lithium-ion battery which is charged via a Micro-USB port from any suitable source. The charging time of the batteries is 4-8 hours.

Dimensions and weight Xiaomi Purely – 75 x 37 x 12.5 mm and 50.5 grams.

Protective masks are widely distributed among the inhabitants of densely populated regions and metropolises of Asia, and therefore potentially the demand for Xiaomi Purely on the home market and in neighboring countries, can be very high. And, of course, impresses traditionally low for Xiaomi the cost of new items is only $13.

Source: Xiaomi



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