Underwear style: models, fabrics, decor, compatibility

One of the leading trends of the new season, lingerie-style clothing. It has everything: femininity, elegance, sexuality. This style is especially suitable for those who like to attract male attention and cause a storm of emotions among the stronger sex. The range of apparel – tunics, shirts, skirts, dresses, tops.

The purpose of these images is to look both innocent and sexy. It is important to feel the face and not to slide into vulgarity and bad taste. You need to keep the delicate romance and to cover the body, exposing only small portions. In addition, it is worth remembering that the specificity of the style is extremely thin and delicate fabric which will not allow you to hide flaws figures. All defects will be visible. Most of the garments made in this style, not suitable for ladies in ages, so the main category of buyers will be girls and women of young age.

First, who has created a line of clothes in the linen style, was Calvin Klein. He divided the style into a shirt and pajama type.

The fabric for the linen style

The main characteristics of the material for garments, underwear style is the elasticity and ability to flow through the body. Usually such fabrics chosen for the production of high quality underwear. Among suitable materials chiffon, satin, silk. It is important that the fabric was opaque. If you select translucent material, manufactured clothing should be layered. Only in this case the outfit will emphasize the elegance of the figures, not showing excessive nudity. For decoration you can use lace and sewing.

Unexpectedly underwear style appeared leather dress with lace trim. Designers recommend wearing such things as an independent outfit. You can Supplement it a small clutch and high heels. The most popular in this category are dress length just above the knee, decorated at the hem expensive gorgeous lace.

Another option for sewing clothes outfits became velvet. It is perfectly combined with lace and other similar fabrics. Velvet was not a tops, skirts and dresses. As evening dress gown velvet deep emerald, Burgundy or blue would look good. Some touch of vintage will only give the image of charm.

The seductive colors and textures

The basic palette for garments, underwear style becomes pastel range. In the new season popular are dairy, Golden, beige, pearl, violet and bluish shades.

Designers often they go to extremes and use in their collections red, black, a rich Golden and blue colors. Harmoniously in such models looks like the embroidery and color stitching. Instead of straps often use lace stripes, delicate chain or braided cord.

Clothes in the linen style

Most often if the skirt is made in a linen style, its hem decorated with delicate lace. Such a product is more similar to the lower skirt to combine with a tighter dress. Such models often make or sew layered top that looks like a separate item of clothing.

Shirts of linen collections usually have a fitted silhouette. Straps on such products are usually thin. However, their form and texture can be quite diverse and original. Tops can also be layered.

Dresses more like a combination. Thin straps and an open back fills the image with a special tenderness and vulnerability. Length in this case is irrelevant. The designers allow in the new season any options: from elegant Maxi to charming. Tunics do not differ much from dresses. This files most often on the back crisscross straps on the sides with attached sections.

Combination with other styles

Despite the thin fabric and the vast open areas of the body, clothing, underwear style can be worn in any season. It is only important to choose the right combination. It is worth to restrict the selection, dismissing business style. To make office set with lace t-shirts chiffon dress or not be – in any case it will be too geeky.

The alternative will be the numerous cardigans, knit and cashmere things. In cool weather linen style can complement a silk cloak, or a light thin coat of fur. This should pick up the tights. Designers offer images with fine and dense models.

It is also not recommended to combine this style with a sports-chic. Shoes athletic type does not harmonize with graceful lines and weightless materials. In this case the ankle boots or tall boots will be the perfect kit. The sexuality of the image complement sandals or shoes with heels.

Dress in underwear style will compliment any confident fashionista. This item of clothing is quite self-sufficient. But it is possible to add clothing from other styles. A great option would be jacket. The contrast of the aggressiveness of black leather and soft silk and lace make the look extraordinary and touching. Also here you can use any types of cropped jackets, jackets, cardigans, trench coats and coats. Jacket in mens style can turn an ordinary image into something new and original. Masculinity outerwear accentuate the fragility of the female body dressed in lace and chiffon. Linen dress itself can make an evening outfit. It is important to choose long style or MIDI length. The color of the dress should be restrained.

Lace tops go well with pant suits. Classic color top few tame sexuality of the model, but for going to the office this outfit did not fit, but for meeting in a restaurant will be quite appropriate. Diversified business suit with a silk shirt with a shallow neckline and without decor. The color of this model has to be restrained. If the choice fell on a linen top in a vibrant hue, then combine it better with jeans, shorts, simple summer trousers or leather skirts.

In summer, comfortable and pleasant to wear light shorts underwear style. They go well with knit tops and sandals on a flat sole or wedges.

Lingerie-style use and actively promoting renowned designers such as Alexis Mabille, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and others.

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