Underwater drone BIKI borrowed the principle of movement in fish

On the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter with great success there is a collection of resources for the production of underwater drone BIKI. Needed 20 thousand dollars was collected for the first 10 hours, at the moment the amount has already exceeded 100 thousand dollars, and until the end of the campaign there is still 54 days.

BIKI borrowed the principle of movement of fishes, and he received a caudal fin. The drone can automatically bend around underwater obstacles using infrared rays, it is equipped with automatic balancing and a built-in GPS module. The camera lens has a viewing angle of 150°, the image sensor allows you to record video with resolution up to 3840 x 2160 and take photos at resolutions up to 16 MP. Image stabilizer allows you to shoot smooth videos and clear images, despite the manner of motion of the drone.

BIKI can store up to 32 GB (2.2 hours of videos with resolution of 1080p or 5243 photos with 8 MP resolution). The robot can dive to a depth of 58 m, the battery capacity of 2600 mA•h is enough for a couple of hours work, he also is charged in two hours. To obtain high-quality underwater photographs BIKI equipped with two lamps with a brightness of 114 LM.

The weight of the robot is 1.1 kg For the control, you can use the remote control or smartphones with iOS and Android.

On sale BIKI will be available in September, at the moment the price is $ 599.



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