Under the hood of Intel Core i9 is hiding an NFC chip or RFID

Intel Core i9, of course, aroused the interest of enthusiasts and people interested in this segment. This is especially true of the older models.

As long as the CPU can not buy, have to settle for the crumbs of information coming from those who have already got the news. For example, a well-known overclocker with the nickname Der8auer, who is also selling special tools for removing lids with the CPU, after this operation is conducted on the model Core i9-7800X, found a curious detail.

On the PCB of the processor under the cover is not only crystal CPU and auxiliary elements, and chip, representing either the RFID tag, or NFC.

The purpose of this chip is still unknown. Given the fact that often the radius of action of such solutions is small enough and the CPU in the system still closes the cooler, it is possible that such marks are necessary Intel to any manufacturing or logistics issues.

By the way, the tool DeLid Die Mate 2, through which the cap is removed from the CPU, this operation may damage the chip because of its location.



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