Under certain conditions, Apple Pay comes in the top five most common online payment services

Of modern mobile payment systems Apple Pay was released to the market before anyone else. It is therefore not surprising that while it is most prevalent.

And it is not only the leader among other similar systems, but also among the five most common online payment services. However, under certain conditions.

According to anatoliko SimilarTech, in the evaluation of the 10,000 most popular sites, payment system, Apple Pay available on 0,29% of them. At the first place is by PayPal which access by 2.46% of the sites from the first 10 000. If you consider the first million most popular sites, Apple Pay on the leaderboard is missing.

In the overall standings, you can see that 1323 of the site have support for Apple Pay, which corresponds to 27 place. And just a few days ago this number was equal to 1035. Have PayPal in the amount of nearly 1 million sites.


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