Ukraine will block the social network «Vkontakte» and «Classmates», as well as some other popular resources

Decree of the President of Ukraine № 133/2017 of may 15, 2017, in accordance with article 5 of the law of Ukraine «On sanctions», it was decided to block access to popular social networks «Vkontakte» and «Odnoklassniki».

More specifically, in the document one of the types of restrictive actions specified «ban Internet service providers provide access services to the Internet users to the service resources and socially-oriented resources of «Vkontakte» and «Classmates»».

In fact, under the latest round of sanctions came much more services, sites and other resources. In addition to the above social networking of Ukrainian Internet-providers are required to cease providing access to the services of Yandex, the publisher of electronic dictionaries ABBYY and sites of companies «Kaspersky Lab» and DrWeb. Under the ban hit and the company «1C». In addition, the sanctions prohibit the broadcasting of RBC TV, «TV Center», VGTRK and «NTV Plus» TNT and Zvezda.

The term of the locks from one to three years. In the case of social networks it is three years. In effect, the ban must start not later than 1 June.

On the background of the new decree some lawyers expressed doubts about the legality of such a decision. In particular, the document implies the prohibition for ISPs to provide access to individual sites. However, this type of telecommunication services in Ukraine. There is only the common service: the connectivity of user equipment to the Internet, you have access to the entire Network, not individual sites. Thus, the prohibition of access to some specific website is a violation of the law.

We should note that, according to the network «Odnoklassniki», its monthly audience of the resource in the Ukraine is almost 10 million people. As for the «Vkontakte», 17,6% of the total traffic accounted for Ukraine.


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