Uber launches electric vehicles

The cab firm Uber Technologies has added the first electric vehicles. This week they went to the streets of Madrid.

The company Uber hopes that this move will improve its image in the eyes of the city authorities. The fact that in the Spanish capital, as in other major cities, fighting for a reduction of harmful emissions polluting the air. In November, the city administration has introduced appropriate measures, including restrictions on the movement of private cars in the Central part of Madrid and the reduction of the upper speed threshold for the adjacent tracks.

In 2014, Uber was forced to cease operations in Spain because of the hostile attitude of local taxi services and the court’s decision, arguing that the company’s activities is inconsistent with the existing rules and violates a healthy competition. However, in the spring of this year the service has returned to Spain under the brand name of UberX, this time providing a service only used by professional drivers.

Source: Reuters

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