Uber has lost its President, and will soon remain without a high-ranking specialist

The Uber left President — Jeff Jones (Jeff Jones), a specialist in marketing.

Hired just seven months ago, Jones was supposed to help Uber to create a correct image of the company. In the words of Jones, he joined Uber to create global opportunities that helped the company Mature and prosper in the long term.

«However, the beliefs and approach of the top management of Uber, which was my direct superiors, were incompatible with what I saw and experienced in the company. Because of this I can no longer continue to work in Uber as the President», — quotes Jones the source.

In addition, before the end of the month Uber will lose more, and Vice-President for card business and platform Brian McClendon (Brian McClendon). Given the recent scandal involving sexual harassment and a legal battle with the Alphabet, all these events may not be the best way to affect Uber.



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