Uber ceases to test self-driving cars in San Francisco

The company Uber Technologies ceased to test self-driving cars on the streets of San Francisco, which began a week ago. For this, it has forced the local branch of the DMV terminated the registration of 16 cars.

Grounds for revocation of the registration was the lack of a permit to operate these vehicles. It is known that the regulator has banned Uber to test, but the company voluntarily continued with them, explaining its decision by the fact that the cars are always drivers willing to take over.

«Now we are looking for a place where it would be possible to continue the operation of these machines, but we’re all about California and redouble efforts to develop appropriate rules» — leads the source words of the press Secretary Uber.

Permission to test self-driving cars in California has already received two dozen companies including Google, Tesla Motors and Ford Motor.

Source: Reuters


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