Uber ATG opens the first branch outside the U.S. amid the worsening relations with the authorities of his native city

The company Uber has announced the opening of its first office in Toronto. In fact, this is the first branch of the Uber Advanced Technologies Group outside the United States.

He headed the canadian office of Uber Urtasun Raquel (Raquel Urtasun), Professor of machine learning and computer vision University of Toronto.

This step Uber, presumably, is a consequence of specific problems of the company in his native Pittsburgh. First, in recent years unmanned vehicles for Uber in this city was involved in a small accident, and secondly, the authorities Pittsubrgh accused Uber is that the company does not promote the welfare of the city. Also do not forget about the lawsuit from the company Waymo, although this is the case, in the case of court decision not in favor of Uber, and it may be catastrophic for the company.

As for the canadian branch, there are technologies associated with unmanned vehicles.



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