Uber admitted that its self-driving cars are dangerous to cyclists

The company Uber, which has started testing self-driving cars in California despite the ban by the regulatory bodies, a problem already recorded case of running a red light. Additionally, Uber has admitted that self-driving cars come to the lanes for bikes.

According to a representative of Uber, the company is working on a fix software error which allowed the cars unsafe to cross lanes for bicycles. We are talking about crossing lanes when turning right. According to the rules the car must be reconstructed in the lane for traffic of bicycles and only after that to rotate.

Uber stress that the car is always the driver, whose actions have priority over the commands of self-government that, according to the company, eliminates the need to have permission to test. By the way, according to Uber, the driver was driving in the episode with passing a red light.

Source: The Guardian


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