Twitter will broadcast sporting events

Social network Twitter is undoubtedly very popular. However, this does not mean that it is financially successful. Twitter has become a hostage of its own highlights — the service is just extremely difficult to develop, as it risks becoming something else entirely.

Despite this, developers continue to look for new ways to empower their offspring.

In particular, it became known that Twitter will soon get a special page where you can watch online broadcasts of different sporting events. For example, Championships, NFL, PGA, NHL, NBA, MLS and so on. Perhaps in the future the list will be added and other thematic areas.

At the moment Twitter sign relevant agreements with main TV channels, which will give the network the right to broadcast the competition. We can assume that this trend will continue to grow and will offer Twitter, for example, to quickly find the accounts of players of a team, to look at some statistics, subscribe to news, sports club and so on.

The exact date of the launch of the new service yet, but it is expected that this will coincide with the start of another NFL season this year.



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