Twitter leave a senior management

The company left Twitter two high-rank managers. This is chief technology officer Adam Messinger (Adam Messinger) and Vice-President Josh Mcfarland (Josh McFarland). They announced the decision to leave the company, so that the reliability of the information, no doubt. As for plans after retirement, Messinger intends to make some breathing room, and Mcfarland have already found a job in venture capital firms Greylock Partners.

In November, has left his post as chief operating officer of Twitter, Adam Bain (Adam Bain). His departure was preceded by the dismissal of several hundred employees. According to reports, the company is an internal struggle related to a possible sale of Twitter. As we reported, the information that the company Twitter is going to buy Google, Microsoft, Verizon or Salesforce, appeared this fall. Later, the number of potential buyers has been added to the Disney company.

Source: Engadget



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