TVs Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV got a lifetime warranty in case of «burnout» screen

Samsung Electronics has announced that buyers of new Samsung TV Quantum Dot TV with support for 4K can not worry about the possible «burnout» of the screen.

This problem was common on the first models of plasma TVs, manufacturers which the instructions warned the user that a lengthy demonstration of a still image may cause permanent damage to the display. But, as practice shows, LCD and OLED panels are also prone to a similar issue.

«We understand that the purchase of a modern TV entailed heavy expenses, said senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics America Dave Das (Dave Das). — New lifetime warranty in case of burnout is proof of how confident we are in our TVs».

In case of similar problems Samsung promises to fix the TV or replace it with the same model without any fee.

While the warranty is valid for 8 and 9 series Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV, which are sold in the United States.



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