TV Samsung QLED support for HDR auto calibration using CalMAN AutoCal with

Some time ago Samsung Electronics has announced that the software for automatic calibration of the screens, created by experts from Portrait Displays, supports TVs Samsung QLED sample of 2017. We are talking about the program with CalMAN AutoCal that is used by professional calibrators, but also in broadcasting, production and post-production of videos.

Allegedly, Samsung TVs QLED became the first in the world, supporting auto-calibration for HDR. Previously it was available only for images with standard dynamic range.

To calibrate Samsung QLED using CalMAN AutoCal with, you need to purchase a set AutoCal Calibration Kit, which includes a colorimeter, and install the software on a personal computer connected to the TV. In contrast to manual calibration, requiring the participation of the user calibration using CalMAN AutoCal with automatically. This not only saves time but increases accuracy.

Source: Samsung



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