Tucsen has announced a camera with sCMOS sensor with a quantum efficiency of 95%, designed for microscopy

Tucsen, the company announced a camera that, according to the manufacturer, «will mark the first real breakthrough in recent years» in the means of fixation of images in biology.

Model Dhyana 400BSI, like the previous model, 95 Dhyana, will be based on type sensor sCMOS quantum efficiency of 95%, but due to the smaller pixels will have higher resolution. More specifically, a camera with a pixel size of 6.5 x 6.5 µm will allow to obtain images with a resolution of 4 MP using a microscope with a standard mount C.

In parallel with the development of the hardware part of the camera Department Tucsen Image Signal Processing (ISP) implement the built-IN high speed processing algorithms, which are intended to increase user productivity.

Camera option USB 3.0 should be ready in the fourth quarter and later will be available with a high-speed interface.


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