TSMC will start manufacturing the memory eMRAM and eRRAM in 2018 and 2019, respectively

As DigiTimes reports citing Economic Daily News, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) plans in the foreseeable future to start production of non-volatile memory of new generation.

The source also reports that in 2018, TSMC will begin risk production of the modules non-volatile memory eMRAM (embedded Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory, an integrated magneto-resistive RAM), and a year later will begin production of eRRAM (embedded Resistive Random Access Memory, a built-in resistive RAM) using a 22-nanometer process technology. As the source of this news is called the technical Director of TSMC San Jack (Jack Sun).

High-speed energy-efficient memory modules eMRAM and eRRAM plan to use in the devices of the Internet of things, mobile devices as well as in self-driving cars.

At the moment the leader in this segment is Samsung Electronics, which has already started manufacturing the nonvolatile memory MRAM. The first customer of Samsung, which ordered the solution on the basis of new technologies, was the company NXP.



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