TSMC says that the production of 10-nanometer SoC for Apple, Huawei and MediaTek is on schedule

Company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has received orders for the production of single-chip systems according to the norms of 10-nanometer of technological process from various companies, including Apple, Huawei and MediaTek.

Recently there was a rumor that TSMC cannot cope with the volume of orders, so customers will receive their products later than planned. The press service was quick to comment on this information, completely refuting it.

Head of public relations Elizabeth sun (Elizabeth Sun) said that the production of 10-nanometer single-chip systems is progressing on schedule. Income from their sales will be first recorded in the first quarter of next year. She added that the 10-nanometer SoC will provide only about 1% of the total income that the company expects to receive in the first quarter of 2017.

, Huawei and MediaTek


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