TSMC is testing the production of chips according to the norms of 7 nm, planning to order for production of SoC Snapdragon 845

In early April, there appeared information that Samsung Electronics has started the development of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9. Later it became known that Samsung and Qualcomm are working on a SoC Snapdragon 845.

At that time it was reported that the production of Snapdragon 845 can do Samsung or TSMC. Now, however, sources said that the next flagship SoC will use a 7-nanometer technological process, and also that the company TSMC has begun trial manufacturing of products according to the norms of 7 nm in April. Full-scale production of 7-nanometer single-chip systems will begin this year.

Customers of TSMC are about 30 companies, including Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple, Huawei and so on. According to rumors, more than half of the customers want to produce products according to the norms of 7 nm. TSMC previously said that 7-nanometer process technology can improve the performance compared to 10 nm by 25-35%. In addition, 95% of the components that are part of the 10-nanometer chips will fit in the new solutions produced according to the norms of 7 nm.

The head of TSMC added that the only competitor of the company in the development of the new process is Samsung. But it is still unknown who of them will produce Snapdragon 845.



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