Tsinghua Unigroup will invest $ 30 billion in the construction of a plant to produce memory chips

Chinese giant Tsinghua Unigroup, government-controlled, has announced plans to invest $ 30 billion in a plant for the production of chips of memory DRAM and 3D NAND. The factory will be built in Nanjing.

Creating a new object will be divided into several stages. On the ground investment in the project will amount to about $ 10 billion, which will allow the plant to produce 100,000 wafers per month. The timing of the implementation of the project data yet, but it will clearly take more than one year.

Also you may recall that Tsinghua Unigroup is building a factory in Wuhan. This project is evaluated as a whole at 24 billion dollars. For 10 years, the Chinese authorities intend to invest in this industry is $ 160 billion that could eventually lead to the creation of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer and, consequently, significant redistribution of the market.



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