Tricopter Yi Erida with a camera with a 4K resolution at speeds of 75 km/h and can stay in the air for more than 40 minutes

Chinese manufacturer Yi Technology, which was recently released in Europe action camera Yi 4K Action Camera 2, has provided unmanned aircraft Yi Erida. Before Yi Technology compete with GoPro, now in sight, the company got the DJI.

Because of the design and number of propellers Yi Erida should not be called quadcopter and tricopter. At the moment we know that the body of the drone will be covered with carbon fiber, and the maximum flight speed is 75 km/h.

Package will also include a camera capable of recording videos in 4K resolution. Finally, the source says that the flight time is Yi Erida must be more than 40 minutes.

All details about Yi Erida will be presented in September at the conference InterDrone.

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