Trendy tops. Trends 2018

Stylish closet can’t exist without fashion tops. T-shirts and tank tops can be worn not only in the warm season, but also as additional parts in ensembles with more warm clothing. Therefore, it is desirable to have in the cupboard are several types and styles of tops for all occasions.

Modern fashion industry allows you to diversify your look with this garment. Thousands of tops annually leaving the production line or piece-made in design workshops. And each of them will demonstrate your style and create a possible universal use.

Women’s tank tops with print for 2018

The versatility of the solid tops is not disputed for many years. That is why every year on the catwalks of the out long-legged beauties in outfits, part of which is a plain tank top or t-shirt. In the trend this year plain tops with a large print on the chest. Background picture can be anything, but preferably black, white or beige.

On the top are t-shirts with various inscriptions. This can be one large inscription on the chest, words written in small font on the left chest or bottom edge. Also true a lot of small labels with the same words or completely different.

Popular floral subjects. Here you can choose a large flower on the chest or a bright print of small parts. Also among the popular images – images of famous people, cartoon characters or presenters. The trend of the season will be such images on the sleeves, shoulders, hem the tops or Vice versa on the neck.

To get a perfect top, you can use the services of drawing. In any shop you need to buy a monochrome product favorite color and put any image you like. This way you can make a unique garment with an unusual and memorable print.

Crop top for your wardrobe

Last season, cropped tops faded into the background. 2018 promises new round of fashion on exposed tummies. Worldwide, a model in a casual style, formal and even business style. In order for an organic look in such clothes, you need to attend to the condition of your abs and skin. Light tan in this case, bude advantage.

A little trick will help if you wish to wear a crop top and hide figure flaws. It is recommended to create an ensemble with a skirt or trousers with a high waist. This will not demonstrate a slightly imperfect belly, but with significant flaws this does not work.

In ensembles with a cropped tank tops are considered taboo mini skirt. This would normally be vulgar rather than sexy. It is better to choose a skirt with a high or medium waist, decorated with original wide belt. MIDI length will be optimal. Also good combination will give long skirt bright colors.

Among the popular models of crop-tops, lace lace product, providing a feminine and romantic look. Also effectively look at the shirt from a stretch fabric with sequins or embroidery.

Oversized tops in new season

Trend 2018 will be a loose model. These products are in fashion for more than one season. They are basic in the wardrobe. Particularly popular plain model without decoration. Things perfectly complement the bright flashy ensembles, not diverting attention from the main subject in the image. Model oversized can have the dropped shoulder line and look a little grubby. But this does not prevent them blend in perfectly with classic trousers and pumps.

Simple, feminine and sexy – slim models

In contrast with the boxy tops among the trends took its place-fitting t-shirt made of elastic fabric. This product emphasizes the flat tummy, the hips and neckline, highlighted a plunging neckline. You can choose one of three lengths. The first is a shortened version, barely reaching the waist; the second has a classic length; the third option is extended. The latter can cover up the thighs right up to the middle, replacing the failure of a tunic or mini dress.

Flared from the breast

Romantic look with flared from the chest. They look great with short shorts or tight pants. Skirts must also be narrow as the free style will give the image of small-town RAID. These tops is often performed with an asymmetrical hem. Mike will emphasize the female form and will compliment any figure.

Tops in white, classic in the trend

White things are always in trend. In the case of tops that rule is active. White tops and shirts is designed to complement trendy looks. They go together with all things of any wardrobe. Under the white tops fit all accessories and any shoes. In addition, the white color looks great any style: crop tops, fitted and loose t-shirt model with a brilliant décor and embroidery.

Another advantage of the white top is its reasonable price and availability. Most brands will offer a version of the white tops, which later become the base garment.

Cotton in fashion

A simple cotton t-shirt, fitted but not tight, can replace many alternative garments. Such a top can have a floral print or be painted in the manner of a vest. The style goes well with most bottom. It compensates for the flaws in their cut.

Things with notched neckline (round, V-shaped) can emphasize volume of a female breast. Even a small bust will look good. This cut is almost everyone. In addition, it makes it easy to find jewelry on the neck.

The color palette of the new season

The trend of the season will be stripes. Each of the leading fashion designers in their collection found it necessary to use a top stripe. The lines can be monochrome or multicolored. The geometric print is also relevant. You can use the pieces separately or to assemble them from the patterns.

The metallic color and the corresponding texture of the fabric looks very impressive in the sunshine. Also in fashion will be a variety of embroidery, machine and hand made gold and silver threads.


Bright contrast colors are also represented, as the trend of the season. Flashy shades of red, green, orange and yellow combine in unpredictable combinations make the top a Central element of the image. Other items of clothing to survive better in a more calm colour.

Lace: gentle and playful

Superfine and lightweight fabric provides lady graceful and languid way. Translucent fabrics shows around the seductive curves of the figure. The tops of such materials should be modest cuts that would be offset by the transparency of the material.

Lace crop top can also be part of the image. But it is better to pick a suitable case. The thin straps on the top also needs to be in place. Exposing more than one occasion, the lady runs the risk to be vulgar and devoid of taste.

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