Trendy looks for every day: Spring-Summer 2018

The creation of fashionable image requires not only selection relevant in the new season things, but their skillful combination. The spring-summer season of 2018 will bring fashionistas feminine and delicate bows of light, bright fabrics.

In the new collections of the fashion guru presents blouses, dresses and tops decorated with embroidery and sequins. Fashion lace stay, as well as various belts in bright colors. The designers used all the methods to make casual outfits look elegant and spring-like bright.

Outerwear for the upcoming warm season

Spring weather involves the use of moderately warm clothing. Coat will be decorated with a variety of decorative elements, as well as acquiring new forms. In the top will remain slim models, repeating the lines of the figure. Accentuate your waist by using wide belts. Most trendy styles of guess the smell.

You should pay attention to those items that are embellished turn-down collar classical type. The alternative will be a model of avant-garde collections, which offers the highest rack and cowl neckline. Interesting look rounded shawl type collars. Coat, you can choose with or without sleeves. Such a model refresh with embroidery or an original print.

Colors are very diverse: shades of blue and red, pastel colors, silver, classic black and the immortal cell. Such a range makes it easy to find the right model for every look and mood.

What to wear under a coat

While the air had not yet warmed up, it should be worn under the clothing sweater, oversized silhouette. It is the perfect complement to a flared MIDI skirt or wide leg pants. This image perfectly complement the high-heel shoes. Every day you should choose shoes or short boots with chunky heel and thick sole. For more important or festive events you can purchase suede thigh boots with heels. These shoes pointed toe is one of the new trends of spring and summer. Particularly impressive high boots look great with mini skirt, but there’s nothing wrong with that part of the treads will be hidden under the longer models.

Blazers and jackets in the new season

Spring and summer images are hard to imagine without a fashionable jacket or cardigan. They organically Supplement like everyday bows. The cool summer evening jacket can come in handy for long walks. The new season allows you to choose a model from the wide range.

The most popular are the fitted styles. They are equally organically look with classic cut trousers and pencil skirts. Also the jacket will make a complete image with a dress, jeans or wide-leg pants.

The most advanced followers of fashion should pay attention to the jackets denim. They will create a magnificent ensemble with sundresses and skirts made of leather and suede that are in the top trends of the new season. Also, these jackets are in perfect harmony with the clothes with floral prints, skirts in the style of baby doll and short shorts.

Many jackets have shortened sleeves or flashlights. Such models are commonly made of bright fabrics. Best of all them combined blouses and shirts of muted colors. Leather is another trend of the spring season. Jackets of this material will also become part of a fashionable image. Modern leather goods allows you to create images in any style from casual and street to business and even solemn.

Trousers and jeans, as part of a fashionable image

Jeans is a constant fashion trend for several decades. In spring and summer 2018, these pants will combine with the same kinds of jackets or hoodies. In the warmer days can be limited to a shirt, a turtleneck, a t-shirt or shirt of linen type. Denim pants depending on model, allow you to choose any shoes. This can be boots of leather, the shoes of classic styles, sneakers, loafers and more. With jeans you can wear a dressy blouse and strict jacket.

Pants in the new season is also presented in a wide variety of styles and colors. Flared trousers are in perfect harmony with the blazers of various colors. On top you can wear a fitted leather jacket or blazer. It is better to choose a model with a length to mid-thigh. Cropped pants look favorably with shirts and blouses of bright colors and original prints.

Shirts and blouses from the new spring collections

Blouses and shirts will help to create unforgettable spring images. Fashion designers in the new season propose a wide palette of colors and variety of decorative elements. These blouses look good with the crease in classic trousers with arrows. Slim model with long sleeves perfectly complement the image, where the bottom is represented by a skirt or high-waisted trousers. Any of these blouses in a cool day can be worn under a short jacket. The harmony in this will bring the pencil skirt just below the knee.

Sweatshirts in spring and summer 2018

Insufficiently warmed air makes you wrap up in warm cozy things. In this spring mood requires that you change the winter wardrobe for something more lightweight. This role is ideal sweatshirts. This is a wonderful casual option for mobile persons. The fashion guru has released the world’s catwalks models in switchto deep dark shades: wine, Bordeaux, cherry. This season, it is recommended to choose a model of natural fabrics. Sweatshirts can be of different density. They fit leather skirts and pants, leggings, skinny jeans. Such items from the wardrobe perfectly accentuate the figure and create the necessary contrast with the volume styles of sweatshirts.

Such images require additional accessories. On your feet you should wear socks and bulky boots in military style. Bright stylish hat and a backpack will fit perfectly in a bow. Tight t-shirt allows you to wear it with pants or Maxi dress.

Feminine line of dresses spring-summer season

In the women’s wardrobe there is always room for new dresses. Coming in spring you can add to the model with shoulder pads, high waistline, scalloped neckline, with bows and belts. Also relevant outfits in Safari style and floral print. Such dresses are worn under a coat or jacket. Also they can be worn alone or in combination with t-shirts. To complete the look with leather knee-high boots or ankle boots. In the new season, the shape and size of the heel is not restricted to trends. Only worth noting very popular thick stacked heel and oversized platform. This condition works with both winter shoes and summer open models. They will look great in combination with trendy spring dresses for the new season.

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