Trends In Italy: Milan Fashion 2018

Milan is rightly considered the world capital of fashion and a trendsetter of stylish trends to be followed by the rest of the world. In this city are the most ambitious shows of fashion collections.

All that was shown at fashion week in Milan, becomes the ideal stylish preferences in all cities and countries.

Fashionable Milan 2018 – is an incomparable combination of the latest trends and cutting-edge trends, perennial classics and expressive Italian temperament.

The warm weather prevailing most of the year in the Italian capital of fashion affects current trends presented by the designers. It’s an incredible combination knitted sweaters and light shoes, prints and bright colors.

Fashion week in Milan is an important event, which brings together true lovers and trendsetters of world trends, stars, and numerous journalists, models, beauty bloggers. Often the outfits of the invited guests are the inspiration for famous designers.

We offer you to look what fashion trends have provided us with the fashionistas of Milan in 2018.

Sweaters oversize

Italian fashionistas, who are accustomed to a warm climate, sensitive to the slightest cold. The designers took into account the wishes of the public and introduced the fashionable voluminous pullovers, classic look.

In addition, in 2018 will be a popular model with extended sleeves, that are highly relevant and appropriate in the Russian context.

Oversize sweater worn over a shirt. If it’s pullover with a wide neckline or neckline, it is possible to do a t-shirt or tank top underneath.

The model of a thin fabric and tight-knit, often done under the neck. They need to wear, loaded with the pants or skirt with volume at the waist.


As for color, the designers settled on a cold bright colors: silver, grey blue, pale pink, etc. the Classic colors are also popular – black, blue, red and white. This is the traditional shades for pullovers that will be relevant among fashionistas for a long time.

Voluminous sleeve

The bright and extravagant novelty 2018 – bulky long sleeves that hang down to the fingertips.

In the collection presented at the fashion week in Milan, completed with bell sleeves and long, wide cuffs.

Autumn long sleeve main element in raincoats and cardigans. Wear, outdoor clothing, trousers with a fitted turtlenecks or sweaters.

Platform shoes

High solid platform returned to the world stage. At fashion week in Milan 2018 unusual sandals chunky platform became a hit, priglyadevshis large audience.

The type of shoes every girl can choose individually. Height, number of straps, the heel (either closed or open) – those nuances that are not fundamental in stylish shoes 2018. Important and the main part remains rounded platform.

What to wear such fancy shoes? Fashion designers offer to combine platform sandals with cropped pants, culottes, pencil skirt.

In addition to the sandals, the platform can be represented in models of sneakers and closed shoes in the style sport-chic.

Socks in any outfits

Long socks and socks in 2018 will become an essential attribute of fashion image. They can be worn under classic shoes, ballet flats or sneakers.

And it is not a simple solid socks, whose main task is to warm the legs, this stylish item of fashion outfit. Knee-2018 made in a variety of colors and materials. Relevant knitted socks, lace and mesh models.

Fur is back in fashion

Autumn-winter outfits on the fashion week in Milan profusely decorated with fur exotic colors. Bright contrasting colors will best convey the texture of fur collar.

Fashionistas offers a model of Fox or raccoon, painted in the tone of a coat or more colorful options with blue, yellow or emerald fur.

Coats of sky-blue

Colored collars will seem a trifle after the first views on the coats of unusual shades presented on the fashion week in Milan.

Coats of colored fur made a splash among guests of the event. The main trend 2018 – coat with a light blue color that is radically different from our idea of a fur outfit.

Length and origin of selected fur like sheepskin, mink, sable and a variety of options for faux fur.

Application and drawings 2018

Prints and appliques firmly entrenched in the hearts of the world designers. Nature itself dictates ideas for new images, fashionistas just have to pick the most appropriate pattern.

Fashion week in Milan presented models of dresses and suits with lots of vegetable prints and bulk applications. These models perfectly reflect the view that any image can optionally be colored, and fun.

Denim jacket

Denim in all its variations are popular for several seasons. Ladies have already filled up your wardrobe with a stylish oversized jackets, suits and jeans to boyfriend.

The most relevant thing from denim in 2018 will be the Jean jacket with fur. She is presented with a minimum of decoration and unnecessary detail, only some of applications on the floral topic, or a couple of icons.

However, lovers of extravagant models to choose from. Fashion dzhinsovki with spray paint, fading, and inscriptions on the back or the sleeves will satisfy young fashionistas.

Elegant suit

Not left without attention of the preferences of numerous business women who also want to look elegant even in everyday working routine.

Fashion week in Milan 2018 presented suits with an elegant jacket and geeky jacket mens cut. It is fashionable to wear with dress pants, culottes or jeans.

Strict jacket looks great with feminine lace tops or light blouses and loose trousers.

Designers offer to choose the Trouser suit is not only for office work, but use this combination of images for each day.

The cut of the pants can be made oversize or fitted in a classic version with arrows.

Fashion week in Milan 2018 identified key fashion trends for millions of women around the world. Their preferences and desires fully into account fashion designers and are embodied in an incredible combination of Italian feminine images of modern stylish trends.

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