Trends hair coloring mid-length 2018

Hair color and condition – important components of the image of each girl. After all, this affects not only your appearance and first impression, but also on the sense of self in General. Of course, trends change quite often and stylists focus on different colors and techniques of painting. Therefore, to blindly chase the fashion is not worth it. But still, we recommend you to study the information in this topic to pick the perfect hair color for yourself. What coloration will be the most relevant in 2018? You’ll find out in today’s article.

The actual shades of hair 2018

First and foremost it is worth noting that the most relevant in 2018 will be the average length of hair. Unlike other options, it allows you to experiment not only with painting but also with different hair styles or hairstyles.

As for the shades, the trend will certainly natural tones. In addition to these stylists out several quite original, at times a kind of shades that will appeal to real fashionistas. In any case, to achieve this effect will not be easy, so please only sign up the master colorist with experience. Otherwise you risk to spoil the hair.

Platinum and ash blonde

Gorgeous hair with a platinum or cool ash tone look really amazing. But this option is not for everyone. It is deemed better these shades suit girls with pale skin and cold color type. Due to this combination the image looks harmonious, and not tasteless.

Strawberry blonde

Romantic shade called strawberry blonde fits most blonde girls. It can be used to soften the austere lines of looks or add a hint of romance, playfulness. But do not confuse this color with pink color on the hair. The fact that in this case, the shade should be visible on the sun in the form of glare. Therefore, experts recommend not blondes, and the owners of light blonde, wheat color hair. This combination looks the most natural.

Cherry pie

Owners dark hair, also you can experiment with. This does not necessarily paint them in a bright, unusual color. Look for red and cherry tone. They look pretty interesting. Besides, it is not necessary to paint the entire length, if desired, this can be done on individual strands or ends. This option is especially fashionable in 2018.

New dyeing hair medium length

Despite the existence of quite a large number of dyeing techniques, each year the stylists present interesting novelties. This year quite a lot. Therefore, we propose to consider the characteristics of each type of staining in more detail.


This technique of painting quite complex so refer only to the master with good experience of the colorist. The fact that it involves a glow effect, which should take place around the perimeter of the head. That is, it will be seen not only in the sun, but indoors.

Of course, this effect will not please everyone. But if you are ready to fashion experiments, the 2018 is perfect for a bit of a transform of the usual hair color.



The major trend of 2018 – painting in the style of «pixels». This technique, introduced by Spanish stylists and now it is quite popular. However, it will suit the definitely not every girl. First, the hair needs to be smooth. On curly strands will be impossible to realize such staining. Moreover have on a daily basis to do styling.

As for the staining, it is clear geometric drawings. If you want you can do a chaotic arrangement or create a specific pattern. In any case, not many artists possess the necessary knowledge to implement such a crazy idea. So be careful when choosing a specialist in hair coloring.

Fashionable coloring for medium hair 2018

Despite the presence of some of the novelties in the field of painting, many of the usual also remain trendy in 2018. So if you are not ready for too radical changes, start with the more popular dyeing techniques.


This technique is known by many fashionistas because it allows you to achieve a natural effect. Thus it is possible to implement not only on the middle length of the hair, but short or long. The main feature of this painting is, of course, the effect is slightly sun-bleached hair. It is barely noticeable highlights that are best seen in the sun.

For coloring often mix two shades. However, it all depends on your source data. Many masters prefer to work with three different shades of contrast. Not to mention that Shatush can be done not only along the entire length, but only on the tips. It all depends on your preferences.


Technique called Balazs known for quite some time. For this painting also uses a combination of two or three shades. However, unlike the previous version, the colors stretch along the entire length. As a result, the hair also has a natural, slightly faded effect. But in addition, they visually become a little more voluminous. That’s why this painting very often choose women who had a thin strand.


The existence technique called Ombre heard probably every fashionista. This is not surprising, because this painting remains popular for several years. Unlike the previous variants, in this case you can do not only natural, but also more contrast. All depends on the original shade of hair and your wishes.

As you can see, in 2018 there are many variations of hair coloring. So choose the one that suits you more than others according to the type of appearance. Then the result will be really stunning.

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