TrendForce analysts summed up the results on consumer robots last year

Analysts TrendForce estimated a very specific market. Talking about consumer robots.

It turned out that last year almost half of this segment accounted for household robots-assistants (47.4% of sales). Another 39.8% of totaled sales of vacuum cleaning robots. However, it is worth noting that the robots intelligence somehow consider smart speakers and other home helpers. That is, speaking of robots-assistants, a source in the first place has meant huge sales of Amazon Echo. For example, in the past year, such devices Amazon sold 5.2 million

9.3 percent of sales accounted for the robots related to educational and entertainment segments, including robotic toys. Another 3.1% of sales made other types of home service robots, and professional solutions accounted for only 0.4% of sales.

As you can see, if we exclude from the statistics of smart speakers and similar devices, it turns out that the lion’s share of sales come from consumables.


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