TrendForce analysts expect that this year will produce more than 100 million of the new smartphones Apple iPhone

Analysts TrendForce called the release of the next model of the smartphone Apple iPhone «one of the most anticipated events in the global consumer electronics market in the second half of 2017″. More specifically, the expected release of three models that will appear on the market ten years after the first version of the iPhone. The most important distinction one of the three from all previous models of smartphones Apple iPhone will be the AMOLED screen.

According to the forecast TrendForce, the volume of release of new iPhone models this year will exceed 100 million units. While most will released devices with AMOLED. The total production of iPhones, including previous models, in 2017 will reach about 230 million units. This represents growth compared with the year 2016 by almost 6%.

In addition to the AMOLED screen size of 5.8 inches and a resolution 2K, the new flagship model will be implemented, and other innovations. In particular, the face detection function. by the Way, as it became known, Apple has bought an Israeli company RealFace developing image-recognition technology. RAM the flagship model will be equal to 3 GB, flash memory 64 or 256 GB, depending on modification.

Source: TrendForce



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