Transparent window computer case Thermaltake View 27 Gull-Wing passes from the side wall on the top

The company Thermaltake has unveiled the next computer case — View 27 Gull-Wing. Special feature is a curved window that opens eyes not only lateral, but also part of the top panel. Such performance will certainly appeal to users who want to put PC components on display. As a result of this performance, the case of no upper wall — l-shaped panel is removed and installed as a whole.

Like many modern buildings, View 27 Gull-Wing is divided into two compartments: the bottom is installed the power supply and two drive size 2.5 or 3.5 inches, in the upper — motherboard, graphics card and expansion cards. Interesting feature: close to eight horizontal slots of the panel I / o on the rear wall adjoin two vertical card can be mounted parallel to the motherboard, but connect 3D card in this case would have to resort to using the adapter.

Thermaltake front panel View 27 Gull-Wing — tinted glass, fans with lights are clearly visible. Alas, depicted in the main picture of the front «propellers» with a diameter of 120 mm not included — by default, the case only has one rear fan of the same diameter. The fifth fan can be disposed within the housing on the partition between the compartments.

According to the developers, Thermaltake View 27 Gull-Wing is compatible with CPU coolers up to a height of 155 mm and graphics cards up to 410 mm. Also allowed the use of motherboard sizes, ATX and microATX.

Thermaltake View 27 Gull-Wing has only one USB 3.0 port on the front panel.

Dimensions and weight of new items — 479 × 201 × 508 mm and 6.4 kg. the block is not reported.

Source: Thermaltake



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