Trackers Fitbit was selected to conduct large-scale biomedical research in the United States

Fitbit was chosen as the first manufacturer of wearable electronics, whose devices are suitable for national research programs All of Us Research Program, launched in the US in 2015.

In particular, in the framework of this program, 10,000 people will get the trackers Fitbit Charge HR and 2 Alta and will use them throughout the year. Collected over this period the data will then be processed and, among other things, will allow scientists to understand how it is possible to use such devices in such projects.

Of course, such a long study, especially given the huge number of participants, will provide scientists with very important information concerning health, sport and daily activity.

It is reported that the Fitbit for the pilot program were selected in particular due to the popularity among users, and because of their great autonomy, and due to the presence of heart rate sensors and compatibility with a large number of smartphones.

In addition, they say that the Fitbit are the most commonly used in biomedical research, activity trackers. In particular, the Fitbit products were used in 89% of published studies, 83% of the clinical trials, and 95% of studies funded by the National institutes of health, USA. In sum, with the participation of Fitbit now has more than 470 published research.



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