Tracker Samsung Connect Tag positioned as the first device-supported NB-and IoT Cat M1

Samsung unveiled a Samsung tracker the Connect Tag, made in the form of a keychain. He used to constantly track the location of anyone or anything.

Samsung Connect Tag is positioned as the world’s first device supporting communication standards NB-IoT & Cat M1. It is worth to comment that NB-IoT (IoT NarrowBand, NarrowBand Internet of Things) is a standard of cellular communication devices for telemetry with low volumes of data exchange. This device has extremely low power consumption and secure Network connectivity. Without charging Samsung Connect Tag will last for a week. The battery capacity is 300 mAh

To determine the location of the Tag can Samsung Connect using cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and GPS. For example, parents can use this keychain to track the movement of their children. If the child leaves the building (school building and so on), you will receive a notification. Another example: you can leave the FOB in the car at a large Parking lot to quickly find the auto. In addition, the key FOB can communicate with appliances in a smart home, it is possible to configure that when you approach the light turned on, and the kettle began to heat water.

The device is protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the degree IP68. Dimensions of novelty represented 42.1 x 42 x 11.9 mm and weight is 25 g. the Device is equipped with an embedded SIM card, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and a microUSB 2.0 connector.

In the compatible devices listed only mobile devices running Android 6.0 and newer OS versions.

Samsung Connect Tag will arrive in the coming months.



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