Toyota’s faith in hydrogen will not change, even a new battery for electric cars

Toyota Motor announced the development of a solid-state battery for electric vehicles that «game changer». However, even it will not affect the commitment of the manufacturer’s cars on hydrogen fuel elements.

For a long time giving preference to cars with hybrid power plants and fuel cell technology, Japan’s largest automaker last year, surprised industry observers, the decision to release a full-sized electric cars. Thus, the company joined in the race for the fast-growing market.

Model on the above batteries with solid electrolyte, Toyota plans to release in the beginning of the next decade. The advantages of the new batteries, the manufacturer considers increased energy density and reduced charging time.

As for cars on fuel cells, Toyota will present at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, which will be held from October 28 to November 5, two new vehicles. One of them is a conceptual six-seat comfortable car with a power reserve of approximately 1000 km. the Second model is the bus Sora. Mass production should begin next year. Planned release of more than 100 copies, most of which will be purchased in preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo.

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