Toyota was chosen as the basis for its unmanned vehicles supercomputers Nvidia Drive PX

Nvidia yesterday announced that it will collaborate with Toyota as a supplier of artificial intelligence technologies and associated software designed to expand the capabilities of unmanned systems of driving that you plan to bring to market in the coming years.

In particular, Toyota will use car supercomputers Nvidia Drive PX (probably second generation) in place Recall, the Nvidia Drive PX 2 was presented in the beginning of last year. The performance of this solution reaches 8 TFLOPS. Also you may recall that in September of last year Nvidia introduced to Xavier SoC with GPU Volta, and even then talking about the car a supercomputer based on this system on a chip. More precisely, he mentioned that his performance in the test SPECint 33% higher than the Drive PX 2. Thus, there is a possibility that Toyota will use these solutions.

Of course, no details about the car yet. Recall, consumer unmanned vehicles will begin to appear around 2020, but not in all markets, and the first time clearly expect a considerable number of restrictions.



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