Toyota sold 10 million hybrid cars

According to observers, hybrid cars and electric cars now account for only 4% of the car market, however, by 2023, their share will increase three times.

Toyota reported that it sold more than 10 million hybrid cars. For this company it took almost 20 years. In August 1997, was released the Coaster Hybrid EV minibus. In the same year, Japan got a Prius, which entered the U.S. market in 2000.

The company’s management notes that over the past year, the share of hybrid cars accounts for over 10% of Toyota sales. Only in the United States sold more than three million of these machines, however, the largest market for Toyota remains Japan.

Toyota hybrids are allowed to emit at 77 million tonnes less carbon dioxide and save around 30 billion litres of petrol when compared with cars and traditional internal combustion engines.

The company sells 33 models are hybrids Toyota and Lexus in 90 countries.



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