Toyota has built a prototype hydrogen-powered freight truck

Toyota is one of the few companies that continues to develop the idea of hydrogen cars. It is difficult to say whether or not this form of transport, but the Japanese automaker clearly is not going to leave this area.

According to sources, Toyota has launched a project Portal Project. In the framework of this project the company intends to test the suitability of this technology to create trucks.

Now the company is testing a long-haul tractor with a total weight of 36 tons. The car is equipped with two sets of AB from Mirai sedan, and an additional battery capacity of 12 kWh total capacity of the power plant — 679 HP and almost 1800 N·m of torque.

The reserve is only about 320 km, which is very small for this type of transport. In the summer the truck will be tested, the results of which will be a feasibility study. In case of positive result, Toyota will continue to work on developing hydrogen trucks, but on production models is out of the question.



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