Toyota does not intend to introduce support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its new automotive system AGL

Supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay gradually appears even in relatively low cost cars. For example, it is recently introduced in Russia, the Hyundai Solaris sedan, though not in all specifications.

However, at that time, as some automakers are trying to support popular features in more models, while others opposed such an approach.

We already talked about the fact that BMW has no plans to implement in their cars these features, now the same is said and Toyota. The Japanese automaker said that the car Camry in 2018 model year will debut a new software platform for infotainment systems. It’s called Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), and is the system open source. And this platform will not support either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Presumably, Toyota (and some other manufacturers) does not want to implement support for specified functions, as they provide good functionality, including map service Google. And instead use the native capabilities of the onboard systems of the car and, often, to pay for the cards, the owners of the cars will do with the possibilities of development of Apple and Google.

By the way, all of the above applies to Lexus vehicles that also will be equipped with an AGL.



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