Toyota and NTT agreed to cooperate in the creation of a platform for connected cars

Toyota Motor and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) has signed a cooperation agreement. Cooperation — the development, validation and standardization of technologies for connected cars. The partners expect to integrate the capabilities of Toyota in the automotive industry with information and communications technology companies within the NTT Group.

Specialists Toyota and NTT Group will share experience and knowledge, to create on the basis of big data collected by the subsystems of vehicle technology for solving such tasks as traffic management and increase traffic safety, as well as to provide the users new mobile services. The parties note that the work will be conducted with a view to implementing the idea of «smart mobile society» on a global scale.

The company expects to create a platform for the collection, storage and analysis of data; to develop the best infrastructure including network, IoT, and computing centers; to determine the most suitable for this application system and contribute to its standardization and promotion within 5G. In addition, it is planned to develop services for driver assistance based on an analysis of the situation in the car and around it, using the voice interface and artificial intelligence technologies.

The first tests of joint development is expected to begin in 2018.

Source: NTT


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