Toyota and Mazda will soon enter the market of electric vehicles

Electric cars are the trend of the near future. Already now in some countries the sale of cars with electric motors sufficiently high to talk about popularity, although often this is facilitated by tax incentives.

So almost all major companies either have already started to produce the cars, or intend to do so. Toyota is committed to the idea of hydrogen cars, seeing this technology in future. The company of hybrid cars. But the segment of electric vehicles for the automaker is also interesting.

As stated on the company website, it will create a special unit responsible for the development of electric vehicles. And it will be a virtual unit, consisting of only four people: one from Toyota Industries Corporation, Aisin Seiki, Denso Corporation, and TMC.

As four people, and even in virtual mode, can’t create a car for Toyota, the team will, in fact, a search of innovation. The objective of this subdivision is to help the company implement non-standard ideas, approaches and technologies that would accelerate the implementation of projects for the production of electric vehicles, and therefore would hasten the conclusion of new models to the market.

In addition to Toyota, electric cars and was interested in the Mazda, which, not having as impressive as the more famous countryman, the financial means, cannot afford to play with different technologies.

Mazda plans to begin selling electric vehicles in 2019. This was stated by CEO Masamichi kogai (Masamichi Kogai). At the moment, engineers are looking for ways to get the machine to work longer, when the battery is almost completely dead. Simply put, they want to give machine the best autonomy.

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